Why Do Communities Need Legal Rights to Their Land?

a-Contenido informativo propioWhy Do Communities Need Legal Rights to Their Land?

All too often, communities do not have secure, clear, and legal rights to own their ancestral land. These legal gaps make it easier for outsiders to claim the land as their own, or for governments to give away the land for logging, agriculture, mining, and oil. As a result, communities can suffer from violence, evictions, loss of their livelihoods, and other human rights violations.

Over 1 billion people are at risk from insecure or nonexistent land rights.

Ownership of roughly one-half of rural, forest and dryland areas of the developing world is contested, directly affecting the lives and livelihoods of at least 1.5 billion people. These lands, which contain the soil, water, carbon, and mineral resources that the future of all humanity depends upon, are the primary targets of rapidly expanding investments in industrial agribusiness, logging, mining, oil and gas, and hydroelectric production

Source: https://communitylandrights.org/es/