LANDac Annual International Conference 2019

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LAND GOVERNANCE IN TRANSITION: How to support transformations that work for people and nature?

LANDac – the Netherlands Academy on Land Governance for Equitable and Sustainable Development – brings together researchers, policy makers, development practitioners and business professionals in the field of land governance and development. This edition of the LANDac Conference aims to look at land governance through the lens of transformations.
This year, the LANDac conference is about Land Governance in Transition: How support transformations that work for people and nature? Central questions revolve around the long-term dynamics around land, water and food production. How is land governance itself transformed, as it seeks to respond to changing circumstances? And how is learning and knowledge building about these dynamics developing, what are promising concepts and tools? Particular questions relate to the different aspects of land governance, such as gender, food security, land tenure security, investments, conflict prevention and peace-building. In a fast-paced world of short-term projects and funding, how can we learn from past and current transitions, build sustainable partnerships and networks, and allow for seeds of innovation to bear fruit?

This conference builds on nine years of LANDac Annual International Conferences where rural land debates were connected to the urban agenda, where land governance from an SDG starting point were explored, and where its role in issues of mobility, migration and displacement was examined. The 2019 Conference builds on these discussions to return to core questions about land governance and transformation.
We look forward to a fruitful event bringing together different stakeholders to take stock of research, policy and practice from around the world, look back at the transformations taken place thus far, and together move forward and set the agenda for future land governance. We wish you a pleasant conference experience that may give us new insights, ideas, and foster new collaborations.
Annelies Zoomers (Professor of International Development Studies at Utrecht University and Chair of LANDac)

On behalf of the organizing committee: Annelies Zoomers (LANDac and Utrecht University), Guus van Westen (LANDac and Utrecht University), Griet Steel (LANDac and Utrecht University), Gemma van der Haar (Wageningen University), Christine Richter (ITC – University of Twente), Chantal Wieckardt (LANDac and Utrecht University), Bianca de Souza Nagasawa (MSc student at Utrecht University), Imke Greven (Oxfam Novib), Niek Thijssen (Agriterra) and Marthe Derkzen (LANDac and Utrecht University).
And the LANDac partners: SGPL Utrecht University (lead partner), Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Studies Centre Leiden, Agriterra, Faculty ITC, University of Twente, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Land Portal, Oxfam Novib, Royal Haskoning DHV, VNG International and Wageningen University and Research.

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