Civil Society Policy Forum, spring meetings of the World Bank


    Within the framework of the civil society forum of the spring meetings of the World Bank and the alternative event “Side event, national regulatory frameworks and social and eviromental safeguards of financial institutions with presence in Latin America” will assess the evolution of the national environmental regulations in LatAm and the environmental safeguards of the main IFIS in the region. Also, provide policy recommendations to achieve sustainability standards in infrastructure projects, based on the work of the Infrastructure and Energy Group of AIDESEP and the experience of COICA in the Universal Periodic Examination (EPU) to which China was submitted.

    Moderator and Panelists:
    Moderator-Santiago Martinez – DPLF (Fundación para el debido proceso)
    Panelist 1: David Cruz- Investigator- Asociacion ambiente y sociedad (Colombia)
    Panelist 2: Diego Saavedra- Investigator- Derecho ambiente y recursos naturales (Perú)
    Panelist 3: Tuntiak Catan- Subcordinator- COICA
    Panelist 4: Lizardo Cauper- President- AIDESEP