Strategic Communications for Sustainable Development

Social and environmental management concepts related to research, education, citizen participation and conflict resolution today have more and better achievements thanks to the implementation of organizational processes supported in the use of new information technologies and communications (ICT)

The digital revolution has proven to be a key to expand the message of environmental, social and human rights that we are facing challenges role as well as finding solutions that can minimize the impact to society.


Promote processes of information, participation and action in public opinion through the strategic use of channels and tools to the forefront of communication.
Environment and Society Society seeks to know, is sensitized and act taking responsibility for decision-making on environmental and social issues affecting their environment and development, both local, regional, national and global.


1. Positioning of the Organization in media

2. Managing digital campaigns through the production of interactive multimedia pieces (images, animation, computer graphics, newsletters, maps, banner etc.)

3. Environmental Education that achieves responsible people for the conservation and protection of water sources and rational use of biodiversity and other natural resources behavior.

4. Online Training: Through our learning platformón open spaces for training and dialogue with community leaders, indigenous and community.