Pre-COP25, An unconvetional meeting on climate change

NewsPre-COP25, An unconvetional meeting on climate change

By: Pre-COP25

PRE COP 25 is a preparatory meeting for the Conference of Parties (COP) of the United Nations Climate Change Convention (UNCCC). It is originally organized by the incoming Chair of the COP, which corresponds to Chile this year; but 2019 will be different because Costa Rica and Chile agreed to organize these two meetings in collaboration.

Costa Rica, for the first time in history, will host this great event which aims to contribute with the global process to call for ambition and climate action, the process of negotiation within the framework of the Convention and the Paris Agreement.

Costa Rica’s vision in PRE COP 25

Costa Rica wants an unconventional PRE COP, focused on the climate action process rather than just the negotiations.

To achieve this, negotiations will be carried on in parallel, with high level conferences that will gather:

  • International delegates that participate in the negotiation process
  • Representatives from the three Branches of the Costa Rican government
  • Private Sector
  • Local Governments
  • Communities and Civil Society

These conferences will facilitate the exchange of best practices on how to construct improved NDCs and long-term strategies including: considerations in thematic areas of interest related to cities, sustainable mobility, nature based solutions, oceans, gender, human rights and funding.

PRE COP will be open to representatives of public institutions, local governments, the private sector, the academy and civil society. If you want to be part of these high-level conferences, click here to fill out the registration form.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is recognized worldwide for its widespread use of renewable energies on its electricity grid, beautiful protected areas which host 5% of the world’s biodiversity and commitment to ambitious climate action. For these reasons, beyond an unconventional Pre COP, Costa Rica has a lot to offer.

Complete pre COP25  program

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