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Rainforest Foundation Norway has the pleasure to welcome you to two events in connection to the Oslo Tropical Forest Forum in Oslo.

Will Redd+ benefit local communities?

Tuesday 26th of June, 16:00 at Kulturhuset in Oslo


OTFF After-Party – The rainforest comes to Oslo

Thursday 28th of June, 17:15 at Litteraturhuset in Oslo


The events are free, open to all and snacks will be served.

More information on the events:

Will Redd+ benefit local communities?

Event Hosted by Rainforest Foundation Norway, in collaboration with the Rights and Resources Initiative

When: Tuesday 26 june at 16.00

Where: Kulturhuset, Youngs gate 6, 0181 Oslo

The province of Mai-Ndombe in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has in the last five years become a veritable testing ground for REDD+, where no less than 20 concurrent REDD+ initiatives are underway, in an area of 12.3 million hectares that is home to 1.8 million people, including some 73,000 Indigenous Peoples.

A study, commissioned by RRI, revealed a number of critical concerns as insecure land and resource rights of local communities and associated conflicts and insufficient involvement of Indigenous Peoples, local communities and women in key decision-making processes. Also there is an uncertainty over the true beneficiaries of ongoing investments.

What lessons can we draw from Mai Ndombe? To what extent do report conclusions reflect lived experiences elsewhere? Rainforest Foundation Norway, in collaboration with the Rights and Resources Initiative invite you to a reflection and discussion together with civil society representatives from Myanmar and Colombia.

The panel is moderated by Lars Løvold, special advisor Rainforest Foundation Norway

  • Marine Gauthier: Overview of the main findings & recommendations from RRI DRC study: Marine Gauthier
  • Mateo Estrada, OPIAC (The Organization of Indigenous People in the Colombian Amazon), Colombia.
  • Naw Ei Ei Min, director from POINT (Promotion of Indigenous and Nature Together), Myanmar.
  • Margarita Florez, Asociacion Ambiente y Sociedad, Colombia

Plenary discussion on opportunities and solutions for advancing REDD+

OTFF After-Party – The rainforest comes to Oslo

This is a unique opportunity to meet leading advocates of the rainforest. Environmental defenders will tell their stories from working under threat from governments and companies. Furthermore, leading journalists and environmentalists will share their best stories about the rainforest.

17:15 How do we communicate the urgency of saving the rainforest?

The rainforest is a magical and mysterious place. We have gathered a number of important storytellers with different contributions to the rainforest story:

  • Willie Shubert. Global director of the Mongabay website will talk about the importance of the rainforest for people and biodiversity.
  • Jonathan Watts. Journalist for The Guardian who has covered environmental defenders threatened with their life.
  • Adriana Ramos. Head of policy for the Brazilian organization Instituto Socioambiental (ISA).
  • Paulo Barreto. Researcher for the Brazilian non-profit organization Imazon who have made the film «Grazing the Amazon», which shines light on cattle industry link to Amazon deforestation.
  • Glenn Hurowitz. Director of Mighty Earth and has led a number of environmental campaigns around the world and will talk about what it takes to create a successful rainforest campaign.
  • Nils Hermann Ranum from Rainforest Foundation Norway led a campaign that reduced palm oil consumption in Norway by 2/3 in one year.

18:00 Where now for Norway’s rainforest initiative?

It is now ten years since Norway started its commitment to help save the world’s tropical forests. Norway is the world’s biggest contributor to this work, but where should we go from here?

Conversation between:

  • Ola Elvestuen, Norway’s Minister for Climate and Environment
  • Øyvind Eggen, director at Rainforest Foundation Norway.

18:40 Meet environmental defenders living with death threats

“I live from the forest and I will protect her by any means. For this I may have a bullet in my head at any time. I stand up, I denounce the loggers, and for this they think that I cannot exist. I can be here today talking with you and a month from now you know what could happen to me – disappeared.” Environmental defenders Zé Cláudio said this during a TED talk in 2010. Half a year later, Zé Cláudio and his wife Maria were killed. The killers cut off one ear as evidence to those who had ordered the murder.

  • Zé Cláudio’s sister, Claudelice, will be at the House of Literature to tell the story of Zé Cláudio and Maria’s struggle. A struggle she has continued.
  • Felipe Milanez, is a journalist and director of the film «Toxic Amazon» which follows in the footsteps of Zé Cláudio and Maria’s struggle to protect the Brazilian rainforest.
  • Environmental defenders Bustar Maitar, who is currently living with threats due to his work to preserve the rainforest in Indonesia, will tell his story.
  • Vicky Tauli-Corpuz from the Philippines is the UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Peoples. She will share her thoughts on recently being added to the Philippines’s list of terrorists and her thoughts and experiences of working with indigenous environmental defenders.

The documentary «Toxic Amazon», about Zé Cláudio and Maria’s struggle to protect the Brazilian rainforest will be screened from 19:30.