Modernization of the IDB Environmental and Social Policies

NewsModernization of the IDB Environmental and Social Policies


Improving the Environmental and Social Sustainability of IDB Operations

The IDB is updating its environmental and social policies to enhance environmental and social sustainability outcomes in its operations. The modernization process will develop a new  policy framework that incorporates both environmental and social aspects in an integrated policy.

A draft proposal of the Environmental and Social Policy Framework (ESPF) is now available for public consultation.


On December 18, 2019, the IDB Board of Directors approved a draft proposal of the Environmental and Social Policy Framework (ESPF).

The draft ESPF for public consultation is available in the four official languages of the IDB:


There are two ways to participate in this open, transparent and inclusive consultation process on the ESPF:

  • Web-based consultations: Interested parties will have the opportunity to submit feedback on the draft ESPF through this website or by sending an email at: . The first round of comments may be sent until April 20, 2020.
  • In-person consultations: The IDB will hold meetings according to the following calendar. If you are interested in participating in these meetings and in receiving more information you can register here .

In-person consultation calendar



January, 30-31, 2020 Brussels, Belgium
February 18-19,2020 Panama City, Panama
February 27-28,2020 Kingston, Jamaica
March 3-4,2020 Lima, Peru
March 9-10, 2020 Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 13, 2020 Washington, DC, United States
March 2020 Asia*

*We will soon be updating the details of this meeting.

The draft agenda* for the in-person meetings is available here. Feedback can be submitted by sending an email at:

*Published January 19, 2020.


Public Consultation Meeting in Lima, Perú

Public consultation with Governmental Agencies (agenda available in spanish)

Public consultation with Civil Society (agenda available in spanish)

Public consultation with Indigenous Peoples (agenda available in spanish)


Public Consultation Plan