The Environment and Society Association (AAS) is a non-governmental organization (NGO), formed as a nonprofit entity under Colombian law and founded in 2012. The founders of the organization are professionals in anthropology, law, and economics and have over 25 years of experience in the field of defense and promotion of the environment and human rights.


The Environment and Society Association is comprised of professionals specialized in environmental matters and seeks to create positive changes in regulations, policies, decision-making processes and practices in environmental issues, promoting the full implementation of the rights to participation, access to information by civil society and the transparency of public and private entities as well as working primarily with affected communities, youth groups and women.


In five years, the AAS is positioned as a leader in the articulation and participation of civil society in environmental processes, leading to improved environmental governance at the national level and in the Latin American context.

Institutional objective

Achieving effective implementation of regulations and policies through access to information, and participation in environmental issues, accomplishing a change in the standards of sustainable development.



• Support, advise and promote programs and projects of environmental and social nature, aimed at community organizations, with emphasis on ethnic communities, women, and minorities.

• Influence public and private entities as well as government entities locally, nationally and internationally, for the defense of the environment and human rights.

• Contribute to building a society that adopts the protection and preservation of the environment as a common good.

• Promote the protection of economic, social and environmental rights (DESCA in Spanish).

• Promote the formation and strengthening of national and international networks in order to exchange experiences and promote joint initiatives.