Climate Justice


Objective: To strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations towards the implementation of international and national institutional guidelines on climate change, risk reduction, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, poverty reduction and sustainable development.

To influence the local, regional and national institutions, on the implementation of policies regarding climate change, poverty reduction and sustainable development from a human rights perspective.


  1. Strategies designed and implemented in community-based projects on reduction and mitigation, including the identification of costs, risks and benefits of its implementation.
  2. The financial mechanisms for climate change mitigation and adaptation are appropriate for the communities.
  • There are strengthened communities which adapt their life styles according to extreme weather events in their territories.


  1. Promoting community for sustainable forest management alternatives, structured under REDD and REDD+ programs and monitor sectorial policies particularly hydrocarbons and mining policies impacting areas of natural forest.
  2. Enhancing research on the link between climate change and human rights and strengthening the participation of communities through the capabilities of these on climate change.
  • Design strategies for participation in community projects identifying reduction and mitigation costs, risks, and benefits of implementation.
  1. Monitoring plans and private and government projects that have an impact on generating patterns of climate change initiative.
  2. Monitoring and research assessments and environmental impact studies that can generate impacts on the environment and climate change.