Defending tomorrow

NewsDefending tomorrow


Global temperatures reach new highs. Arctic ice continues to melt. Each summer brings news of fires burning through climate-critical forests. If we want to change these headlines, or avoid reading progressively worse ones, it could not be clearer that we are running out of time.
Communities across the world are standing up to carbon-intensive industries and exposing unsustainable business practices wreaking havoc on ecosystems and our climate. These are the people on the frontline of the climate crisis, trying to protect climate-critical areas and reverse these devastating practices.
For years, land and environmental defenders* have  been the first line of defence against the causes and impacts of climate breakdown. Time after time, they have  challenged the damaging aspects of industries rampaging unhampered through forests, wetlands, oceans and biodiversity hotspots. Yet despite clearer evidence than ever of the crucial role they play and the dangers they increasingly face, far too many businesses, financiers and governments fail to protect them in their vital and peaceful work.


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