COP25: “Governments must heed the demands of people and act on the weight of the science”

NewsCOP25: “Governments must heed the demands of people and act on the weight of the science”

Audio recording of the press briefing available here 26 November 2019:

Climate Action Network today organised an online press briefing to set expectations for COP25 and unpack some of the main issues that will be high on the agenda of this COP in Madrid, Spain, from 2-13 December. This includes addressing the issue of finance for loss and damage under the review of the Warsaw International mechanism and ironing out
the rules related to the carbon market mechanisms, an outstanding issue on the Paris
Agreement Rulebook from last year.

Representatives from civil society were unequivocal in their demand that governments use this COP to build political momentum towards stronger climate targets in 2020, deliver on financial support for the most vulnerable and more specifically ensure that a funding facility is operational under the Warsaw International Mechanism for climate-related loss and damage. As deadly impacts escalate and all signs point towards unabated and rising greenhouse gas emissions as evident in the UN Emissions Gap Report released today, the pressure is high on governments to take radical action to avert climate catastrophe.
The UN climate talks, now moved to Madrid, Spain from Santiago de Chile owing to civil unrest in Chile and growing concerns on human rights violations there, will be a key moment for countries to demonstrate their willingness to heed the demands of people and act on the weight of the scientific evidence. Climate Action Network calls on all countries – led by the major emitters- to submit ambitious near-term climate targets early next year that match the scale of the climate crisis the world is facing.

Reactions from CAN speakers:

Alden Meyer, Director of Strategy and Policy, Union of Concerned Scientists
“The climate emergency is now upon us, as countries around the world experience torrential floods, out-of-control wildfires, powerful storms, heatwaves and other climate-related extreme events. Some countries, states, cities and companies are responding with the urgency required, but the world’s largest emitting countries are missing in action.”

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