Chinese Investments in Latin America

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    Date(s) - 14/12/2014
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    Hotel Señorial

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    Agenda and Guidelines for Lima meeting in December

    Meeting: “Chinese Investments in Latin America”

    Hotel Señorial (Lima, Perú)

    December 14, 2014





    China:                                    Bai Yunwen, Greeinnovation Hub (G-Hub)

    Jin Jiaman, Ji Lin, Yun Qingchan and Christopher Dunn, Global Environmental Institute (GEI).

    Latin America:                     Margarita Florez, Ambiente y Sociedad (Colombia)

    Julia Cuadros and José de Echave, Cooperacción (Perú)

    César Gamboa, DAR (Perú)

    Moema Miranda and Gerardo Cerda, Ibase (Brazil)

    Andrea Cerami, CEMDA (México)

    International:                       Katherine Lu, Friends of the Earth (FOE)

    Monti Aguirre, International Rivers Network (IRN)

    Paulina Garzón China-LatAm Sustainable Investment Initiative (CLASII)

    Guest:                                    Rebecca Ray (Boston University)





    December 14, 2014


    7:45 am – 8:25 am             Breakfast


    8:30 am – 8:45 am             Welcome and Opening Remarks

                                                   César Gamboa

    Bai Yunwen


    First session: Getting to know each other


    8:45am – 10:00am             Round of introductions

                    Facilitator: Ibase


    Second session: Getting to know the field I


    10:00am – 11:30 am           Chinese investors, institutions and regulations and how to influence them – Panel Discussion

    • What information do campaigners generally need?
    • What kinds of campaigns have already been done?
    • Can we do project work and policy work?
    • Are there any case studies we can use as an example?
    • What are the lesson learned from the case studies and campaigns?



    1. Lessons learned from a project case study: “The Toromocho mine in Perú”,  José de Echave (Cooperacción).
    2. Lessons learned from a project case study: “Chinese investments in the Choco Region” (Margarita Florez, Ambiente y Sociedad)
    3. Lessons learned from a project case study: “Dragon Mart in México”

    Andrea Cerami (CEMDA).

    1. “The Green Credit Directive”, Katherine Lu (Friends of the Earth)
    2. “The challenges of doing project and policy work with Chinese banks” César Gamboa (DAR).


    Facilitator: GEI


    11:30 am– 12:00am            Coffee Break


    Third session: Information sharing


    12:00 am – 12:45 pm        An overview of Chinese lending and investments in LA


    Draft of 7 cases studies in LAC (Rebecca Ray, Boston University)


    12:45 am – 1:45 pm           Lunch


    Fourth Session: Getting to know the field II


    2:00 pm – 3:30 pm              Context and challenges for developing advocacy work about Chinese investments in LA – Panel Discussion


    • Why Chinese entities would want to talk to us, what do we offer to them?
    • Can Chinese officials be convinced into talking to us?
    • Are we/can we effectively communicate and engage with
    • national and Chinese regulators?
    • Who can be our allies in pushing for information from the Chinese and national governments about Chinese investments in LatAm?
    • What kind of challenges do exist in LatAm in order to influence Chinese investors and operators?
    • Do all stakeholders know the Chinese overseas regulations?
    • What can do to get them effectively implemented?



    1. “Bridging the gap between Chinese entities and civil society” Christopher Dunn (GEI).
    2. “Opportunities and challenges to influence Chinese entities when using Chinese overseas regulations”, Bain Yunwen (G-Hub)
    3. “The importance of Chinese regulations for protecting the environment and the communities in Latin America”, Paulina Garzón, (CLASII)
    4. Lessons learned from a project case study: “ Sinoydro in Ecuador” (Monti

    Aguirre, IRN)

    1. “The challenges of doing work on Chinese investments in Brazil), Gerardo Cerdas (Ibase)


    Facilitator: Cooperacción


    3:30 pm – 4:00 pm             Coffee break


    Fifth session:  Supporting each other work


    4:00 pm – 5:30 pm             Group exercise and discussion

    Strategic questions:

    • What are the challenges and opportunities in order to influence Chinese banks, companies and regulators?
    • How can we help communities affected by Chinese investments and operations?


    Operational questions:

    • What are the next steps that should be taken?
    • How we can continue this conversation?
    • What do we have and what do we lack to improve our work?
    • Can we be more effective if we collaborate, how?
    • What are the key takeaways from the meeting?


    Facilitator: Paulina Garzón and Katherine Lu


    7:00pm                                 Dinner